Toolamba Walnuts

When I buy calcium nitrate for fertigation I always ask for the one with the viking ship. So, when we had 10 kg boxes printed this year we wanted an appropriate logo. It seemed best for it to be iconic Australian; an animal; no, a bird. The cockatoo came to mind. The irony was too exquisite.

For the six weeks prior to harvest, sulphur crested cockatoos descend on the orchard in biblical numbers. First come the spotters at 8 AM who alert the flock that all is safe with screeches to rock Jericho. Birds chew the walnut in one claw while gripping the swaying branches with the other.

Now retailers come to our wholesaler in the Melbourne market asking for the white box with the bird on it. Next, we need a website. It needs to be informative, business-like and solid; unlike this blog.

Toolamba Walnuts High Res

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