Importing machinery

Locating the best machinery for a specific task requires an extensive search of the internet, viewing many noisy videos and checking against competitors web-sites. We have been looking for a machine to size walnuts accurately and think we have located the right one in Grafton North Dakota. The timing for placing an order is important. The manufacturer’s production and delivery times need to match our cash flow and fluctuations in the Australian dollar. Last time we imported from the US the containers was on the docks in Melbourne three months before it needed to be. A threatened strike of longshoremen in San Francisco had prompted the early despatch.

Sending the money to the manufacturer can be tricky. Last time their bank did not have international accreditation so didn’t have an appropriate code by which our bank could transfer funds. Banks charge considerable amounts for this service. It is worth hunting about for the best price.

We use an Adelaide company to bring the goods from the US dock to Australia. They have all the connections and know their way through insurance, customs and tax paperwork.

Thinking of the sea voyage raises memories of shanties and movies of ships founding on rocks with all hands lost. Such occurrences are now rare.

Customs inspect the container at Melbourne. As it is new machinery there should be no need to have it cleaned. Washing second hand equipment can cost thousands of dollars. We do not know if the machine will  fit in our trailer or whether we will need to engage a truck to deliver to our property. Last time the machine was stored at a warehouse in the west of Melbourne. Trucks roared about narrow streets carrying goods. It was a daunting task for a walnut farmer used to quiet country lanes.

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