New life

With my wife, Ruth, loitering at the garage door as I arrived home this afternoon; something was up. “That lamb delivered.” One lamb had not been sent to market four weeks before because of bad feet. Ruth noticed that the young lamb was developing udders. They have grown over the last fortnight. She was not old enough to be called a ewe.

Ruth went searching for this pregnant lamb this morning and found her bleating – a sad sign that a fox has whisked off the newborn. She scouted about on the ATV till she noted a dusky snout protruding from the lambs nether region – an obstructed labour. She called our neighbour Michael who came with Nordo, his sheep dog. The motherlamb was guided to the race. There, Michael extracted the newborn. It did well; was bouncy and bonny.

Ruth keeps her new lambs in a large wire crate to avoid foxes. This is where I met mother and daughter: paired, feeding, warm and secure.



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