Calcium nitrate & potassium nitrate

Its time to get nitrogen and potassium to the growing roots of the walnut trees We deliver these chemicals dissolved in the flow from the sprinkler system through these nozzles:


Prior to delivering the dose of 50 kg/hectare I must ensure that the irrigation system is intact. Some sprinklers have been knocked down by the sheep, some have been chewed by hares and some have blocked with sediment. This year I have adopted a most sensible approach. Anything lying on its side I set upright. Anything not functioning, the sprinkler is cut off and and a new one attached to the tubing.

The chemicals come in plastic bags from across the seas; Norway and Israel. I buy the cal nitrate in the viking ship bags. I got the idea for the bird on our logo for Toolamba walnuts from this. Our nuts don’t go back overseas, but our neighbours go to China. Nuts are global.


I empty the bags of calcium nitrate to dissolve in a 1,000 litre tank. After all the stations have received the cal nitrate then I commence the K cycle. Dissolved chemical is suctioned from the bottom of the tank to the outlet pipe and fresh water is recycled back into the top of the tank. Twelve hundred trees are fertigated in three hours. Its a slow process but worth the time and effort. The pressure is on to get the chemicals out before leaf burst.


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