9.05 goods train to Echuca

Local oracles claim the morning train to Echuca carries empty containers to be filled with milled Riverina rice at the terminus. The return trip is via Bendigo. The rail lines that passes adjacent to our northern fence is deemed by punters to be incapable of bearing rice laden containers. We have not seen many trains return at night. Perhaps local gossip is correct.

This morning the Echuca train passed by while I was maintaining the irrigation system in readiness for fertigation, while our painter and decorator was draping our kitchen to repair the ceiling damaged eight years ago by on overflowing air-conditioning system. Time had got away and the unpainted plaster over the pantry door had become a happy topic of conversation for those wishing to impune sloth on my part.

Irrigation maintenance was a mixed bag. Where the sheep spend the greater part of their day, the sprinklers were flattened. Where there are no sheep and it had been monitored recently, the uprights lay horizontal with  sprinklers caked and tubing chewed: hares I guess.

Thankfully, while dissolving the cal nitrate in the fertigation tank by the dam, the birds descended. The pelican circled the dam clearly successful in landing fish after fish. It ducked its head under water, trapped the prey, gave it a few sharp pecks with its beaks, lifted its head and sent it waterslide south. Spoonbills oscillated their cutlery beaks to catch yabbies. Ducks gathered and swallows skimmed the water surface.

Yet again, no sign of a returning Echuca train today.

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