Harold Adem

Anyone involved in walnut production in Australia knows Harold. I spoke with him today. Like many other growers, Harold is largely responsible for us embarking on growing walnuts. Ruth was working with him at the Department of Primary Industry. We had bought 75 acres of derelict dairy farm and needed to engage in a legitimate rural enterprise for the local council to approve our plans for a house. Harold suggested walnuts; they’re easy. We bought it; knowing nothing.

Harold has been a fellow traveler, with him several steps ahead, giving us advice. Even now when we have completed the full cycle from planting seeds to marketing to retailers, Harold remains in the lead. In a few weeks he is off to California, taking some locals to meet US producers and manufacturers. He is consulting in China, Albania and Iran.

Harold now works as a private consultant in the horticulture of fruit and nut products. He is based locally and has extensive networks throughout the walnut industry.

It was intriguing meeting Harold today. We have come far. We knew nothing when we first met Harold but now we know lots, and are still learning. Harold is one of the many people to whom we owe so much in getting this project off the ground and flying.

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