Pregnant hedge

Georgia said, ‘Its not like I’m drinking a martini.’

‘Or puffing a cigarette.’ I added.


I was concerned about adding this snap to the blog, revealing to her parents that Georgia had been hedging. Only last week Georgia chided me for not including her in a post. I had congratulated her on twitter for her three simultaneous published front page stories at ‘The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and Financial Review’. In all humility, I can understand her disappointment at not appearing on the blog, despite her outstanding Fairfax and Murdoch successes.

I reassured Georgia that I was saving her appearance on the blog for a moment when I required a bounce in my popularity stats. Though why I publish today is odd. Overnight I had 13 US visitors to this site.

Georgia is 20 weeks pregnant with the first grandchild. I’m sure Sally and Steve, the other expectant grandparents,  would prefer her seated, lying in cotton wool, rather than assisting with hedging.

The photo shows that Ruth has wrestled the hedge-trimmer from Pat, our son in ear-muffs, despite her recently pulverised left SI joint caused by exactly what she is shown doing. Pat was later to retake possession of the trimmer and tame the hedge.

The hedges are unforgiving; not in winter, but in spring and summer. Ruth’s hedge-trimmer birthday present has made a huge difference. Family members and friends shake their heads at the thought of controlling them. Ruth is dismayed by others’ follies.

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