Walnut book

David & Stella are developing a new walnut farm. Visiting it takes us back 10 years to flat dirt, green tree guards, wispy new walnut trees midst threatening hogweed. We know the outcome of allowing the hogweed to flourish – whipper snipping it, row by row.

David called me last night for advice on dealing with hogweed. I remembered this morning that we did have a spare domed sprayer that he might attach to a unit driven by the PTO on the tractor. I phoned him this morning. He jumped at the opportunity. I was not here. Ruth met them. He came with Stella and Merv, the neighbour with farming skills and know-how. They poured over our machinery, the orchard and our spray unit. With the domed sprayer in the trailer, they were off to bargain with the dealership about a new spray unit, minus the unnecessary boom.

David said we should write a book about walnut farming. He would. He is a retired academic. He is an enthusiast, loving the challenge of setting up the farm.

This blog is a surrogate book. Each post is a page.

I need to speak to David, to ask if he would like to co-author with me. He, the novice walnut farmer and me, ‘all-knowing’. He will jump. But really, it is a proposition worth considering, gathering each of our perspectives to the problems which he and Stella will face, how each is resolved and the outcome.

Perhaps he is reading this. He may call me tomorrow.

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