Copper, kelp & summer oil

Its time to protect and promote the emerging new growth. Copper blocks bacterial blight, kelp speeds root and flower development; while summer oil gives bugs and fungi something to consider.


Our sprayer is highly effective in covering the walnut trees that are reaching higher and higher each season, with the soupy mix. To get the jets up and out so far, the PTO must travel at about 520 rpm and the tractor moving forward at 4.4 km/hr. Kubota keeps the gearing simple. There are two gear sticks. One has three gears – hare, tortoise or snail : not requiring any explanation. The other has six conventional gears. Thus there are 18 gears; with each having a half gear option which I never use, but I’m sure our neighbour does when he is harvesting. In the picture, I am in tortoise 5th gear. As the trees develop more canopy I descend to 3rd gear and 3.3 km/hr. The speed is slow but at this time of year the view is spectacular, rich with the promise of a bountiful crop. There are 130 rows, each of 200 m in length. Do the arithmetic.


We are lucky to have a considerable distance between the orchard and the house. The prevailing winds blow any drift away.

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