Peter Carey

Like Tim Winton’s, I find Carey’s books are a conversation. In ‘Amnesia’ Carey invokes the second person to emphasise a point and to respond to my thought. We laugh. We have known each other for a long time, through many novels. A trust has developed.

When Peter appeared on ABC, interviewed by Leigh Sales, within days of Gough’s passing, speaking about ’75 conspiracy theories which obsessed the main character in his recent publication, I needed clarification.

I am now at 11% of the way into ‘Amnesia’. I cannot find pages on kindle. We have resumed our usual banter. We share the insanity of a journalist and a potter sending their kid to a private school. 75 has been mentioned. There is another character in a similar sticky situation to Julian Assange. I detect a pattern.

I know Peter lived in NY. He may still. I once tweeted John Birmingham about his novel about a cataclysm that befell 98% of the US. My concern was that I would be reading the novel going through US customs. He responded that he had done a  speaking tour of the US about the book, so not to worry.

I hope Peter will be allowed to undertake an equivalent speaking tour about ‘Amnesia’. With 89% of the book to go, he has a lot of explaining to do.

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