Walnut hedge

The video of the walnut hedge passing by the tractor at 4.4 km/hr was intended to be here. I connected the ipad, on which I filmed the journey, to the apple computer; presto – the computer refused to interact and jammed, requiring a ‘force quit’. Something I’ve not done before. In addition, I don’t think my WP account allows me to upload videos.

I uploaded the video to my FB site without text or sound. For those able to access my FB account, this text may make some sense.

A baby could crawl faster than I drove the tractor today. The clip shows me travelling down 1.5 rows in 3 minutes 30 seconds. How long would it take to complete 132 rows?

But, at this time of year the leaves are stunning in the sunlight against the bluest sky. The newest are like robins, midst the smokey green of those in transition.

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