Patch-budding walnuts

Its that time of year again when the sap is rising in rootstock and budwood is within easy reach. Most of our trees are budded. Only the most recalcitrant remain : the last four southern rows in the old orchard. We are not budding these rows with chandler, but the other variety. It is luxuriant, large and early. By placing them on the southern boundary they should provide a windbreak.


Here are three trees. The one in the middle was budded today. It has the tail of tape. The two other trees were budded last year. They have been pruned high as its so windy. Today the northeast wind is hot, taking us to 37 C. We should come back and see how well they have done by the end of the season.


This photo shows the resilience of walnut trees. There is a bud on the shoot that has risen from the roots of the tree felled by the wind. This budding will make use of the established root system. A fully productive walnut tree should ensue.

In the background are our neighbour’s apples under a canopy to prevent hail damage. Hail came one week before his harvest two years ago. The screen was present but the hail made its way through. We had harvested our walnuts two weeks before. Apples are late.

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