Walnut orchard blessing

The walnut trees are peaking. The fruit is full size and the shell is hardening. The branches are flush with supple fresh green leaves. Two more months of summer lie ahead with temperatures over 40 C. This Friday and Saturday are both predicted to be 41.

At the Boxing Day orchard breakfast, Kim blessed the orchard for the difficult days ahead. We have provided much water and fertigated again in early December to promote growth of shading new limbs, but the blessing spoke to another need.


Breakfast mongst the trees required some planning and preparation, bringing all together.


The breakfast was a quiet time of sharing for all who have hectic lives in the city, who are caring for a young child, are expecting imminently, building, working and planning. The orchard provided a haven from city cares.


With my sons, their partners and friends, home on the farm, the conversations ranged widely. Each brings unique perspectives. And with my new iphone, (explaining why I have been silent for the last month), I learned new skills. I am now on Instagram. I can now share kindle books with ipad.

My hope is that my new iphone does not share with you the sunburn devastation from successive days over 40 in January and February. That the blessing has been heard and noted.

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